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Organize It!

your home

Whether you're looking to tackle that one pesky closet or your whole home, we've got you covered. Our team also offers online consultations to create an actionable plan that's tailored to your needs. Together, we'll declutter, organize, and maintain your space so you can live your best life.

Organize It!

your move

Take a deep breath and leave the decluttering, purchasing supplies, packing & labeling to us. We’ll organize and set up systems in your new rooms and closets as we unpack so can focus on what really matters – your new home and the memories you'll make there.

Organize It!

your Transition

When a loved one is ready for assisted living, they are moving twice - once to their new place, plus a second effort to clear out their old house. Dealing with a loved one's lifetime of accumulation is overwhelming. Hiring us an unbiased, compassionate, 3rd-party, minimizes the emotional aspect & reduce decision fatigue.

Contact Organize it!

  • Call or text 303-921-5252
  • Schedule your complimentary, 30 minute, no cost consultation
  • feel confident that you have started down a path to success

complimentary CONSULTATION

  • Meet Karen to confirm she is the professional for your project
  • Discuss your organizing struggles and solutions
  • Review the contract, place the deposit and get scheduled

in Home Session

  • Working with you or for you
  • Decluttering: giving and tossing
  • Organizing in the way that’s best for you

Karen Latch O’Keeffe

Unlike most professional organizers, I wasn’t born an organized person. I was driven by clutter-induced stress and anxiety to develop my art of creating peaceful, structured environments. As my experience and skills evolved, I knew I needed to share this gift with others.

My professional forte isn’t necessarily organizing stuff, it’s listening to people's organizing goals and making them a reality. As a 5-star organizer, my job isn't just to declutter and put things in eye-appealing order, it’s to create practical, functional systems that make my clients' lives easier and less stressful.

My heart for serving my hometown and all of God’s people is reflected at GraceFull Community Cafe. They provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well, and be inspired to give back. A portion of each session will support Gracefull and it’s mission.

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Karen is amazing and very talented! Karen had great advice on where to put items and how to arrange a room using its best aspects. Karen is warm and friendly and has a lot of wisdom to share. Highly recommend her. Thanks Karen!

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Ken Caryl

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Greenwood Village

"Karen turned our spaces from cluttered to neat and functional."

Karen is wonderful!!! She is great to work with, very efficient and made so much space in my storage room I never knew I had!!! She has also worked on my kitchen and I will be hiring her for more jobs in the future!


highlands ranch

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She is one of the most reliable people I ever had working for me. When there was a project, she would manage every detail of the process. If there was ever an issue, she would handle it with so much attention."



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I named my company Organize It! because everyone has an “It!” What’s your “It!”? Is it your bathroom strewn with towels and misplaced cosmetics? Maybe it’s your closet that makes it a struggle to get dressed in the morning or the overwhelming abundance of toys all over the house. I am eager to help with whatever your “It!” is!

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Together we will take a tour of your home or office looking at the rooms and areas that cause you stress. We’ll determine why and then how to fix them. It’s a completely judgement free process. In fact, it’s best if you don’t clean or tidy before I come over - I need to see your everyday reality to be the most helpful.

Call Karen 303-921-5252